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In 1975, Bill began working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as an Agricultural Specialist – trading corn, beans, wheat, cattle & hogs. There is simply no margin for error in either hemisphere for corn production! Dec Corn is currently at 4.25 – still in the bottom 20% of its 10-year range ($3.00 – $8.00)!


Meanwhile, the dollar index, which gauges the greenback’s strength against a basket of six currencies, was down 0.16 per cent to 92.08. Of course the specter of the Fed looms over the Treasuries market and fears about the dollar has capped any selloff in the yen. Finally, the Macros are helping as well – a vaccine-supported DJI & a lower trending US Dollar are adding underlying support!! Also, a slumping US Dollar is benefitting our exports! The pick of Yellen is receiving a warm welcome and could point to the return of a strong-dollar policy which will buoy currency traders.


Greer said he believes gold will get back on the screen as an inflation hedge, so he leans toward wanting to be long gold. In his writing and research, Sumner specializes in monetary policy, the role of the international gold market in the Great Depression, and the history of macroeconomic thought. Meanwhile, gold has pulled all the way back to its 200-day moving average as Bitcoin has sucked all the oxygen out of the room. He explained that the recent pullback may have to do with gold’s relation to tech.
If Syrah can’t make it in this market, no other natural graphite miner can.


Brent crude futures, the global oil benchmark, rose 1.27 per cent to USD 48.47 per barrel. He said we’ve seen a few consecutive days of oil services and EMP breaking out through very relevant resistance levels. Utility output bounced back 3.9%, while mining production fell 0.6%, due to less oil production. Also, the main oil production and export facilities of Aramco are mostly in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, more than 1000km across the country from Jeddah.
Jet fuel requirements are much more strict than gasoline, and the company has successfully tested its synthetic jet fuel, following a test flight in 2017. At the time of writing, Gevo had negotiated take-or-pay contracts for over 4 million gallons per annum of its proprietary bio-based gasoline and jet fuels. Therefore, it was just the question of time, when the nearby oil infrastructure would be hit. Gevo has developed a technology that converts plant sugars into gasoline fit for cars and airplanes through its proprietary, in-house technology.

United States

DWX offers investors an opportunity to pursue the 100-highest-yielding companies outside the US by tracking the S&P International Dividend Opportunities Index. Population growth in slowing and interest rates fell first in places like Japan, where population growth slowed earlier than in the US. President Donald Trump even made an appearance to take credit for the stock gains after the Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 30,000 points for the first time.
Biden is filling out his foreign policy team, seeking to calm international relations after a tumultuous period under Trump. I was thinking of covering a few other uranium companies on SA, and I came across Westwater Resources (NASDAQ:WWR). Now compare all of the above with Trump at the G20 tweeting about the election dystopia and privileging golfing instead of discussing Covid-19 containment. El Nina is attacking S/A production now – and fast-forward 6 months – what if it also turns up dry in the US?
That is how compliments other services that focus on the bottom-ups security analysis of REITs, CEFs, ETFs, dividend-paying stocks and other securities. CAN currently has no official coverage from any Wall Street banks and it will be a key milestone for its IR team to achieve, hopefully soon. The sudden focus on the repo is the result of the Fed’s designation of the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) to be the replacement for LIBOR.


That neatly ties in with the three accumulated five-year Chinese plans all the way to 2035, approved last month at the CCP plenum in Beijing. Chinese officials have made it very clear that Beijing has been working as the representative of the Global South inside the G20.


Representatives for Malta’s government, which announced plans to revise its program before the EU’s action, didn’t respond to requests for comment. Watch too for any reaction to the ECB signaling that the ban on bank dividends could be lifted next year, according to a Financial Times report. The draft statement we’ve seen doesn’t yet include language on Turkey, which a growing number of EU voices want to sanction over tensions with Cyprus and Greece. More than a decade after it joined the EU, the country still ranks last in terms of access to decent toilets.Today s AgendaAll times CET.
Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron said he will gradually lift a nationwide lockdown from Saturday, and will aim for a lifting of most measures on Dec. 15. This is what is happening in Europe, due to the restrictions EU countries imposed to contain the spread. Despite Poland’s reservations, the text commits the EU to slashing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990.
, claiming they may have violated the EU law.