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The central bank s president also said she d be surprised if euro-zone inflation had peaked and that economic growth is expected to continue weakening into next year. Dollar Decline The greenback looked unstoppable earlier this year when investors were adding to bets on inflation and US rate hikes. Euro-area economic and consumer confidence are also on deck.


Yet oil has outperformed copper over the past year, with the price ratio between the two commodities dropping to levels prevalent a decade ago. In the long run, it’s reasonable to expect copper to become more expensive relative to oil.


The oil market has looked increasingly shaky in recent days. This is a short-term anomaly brought about by OPEC+ actions and the war in Ukraine.


With evidence of a clampdown on the streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and elsewhere, crowds largely stayed away, despite plans to gather disseminated on social media.


While Kerimov is on the EU sanctions list, the four villas don t appear on France s list of frozen properties.