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These numbers were once key to the thesis that inflation was transitory, and at last they are offering some support: Accident 4: The Dollar Could King Dollar break something? In theory, a stronger dollar should weaken the profits of multinationals, and domestically focused companies should outperform.

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If you need money, go raise it.I ve seen claims that Dimon was talking his own book, and trying to put pressure on the Fed to turn dovish. Sentiment on inflation has grown much gloomier in the last few days, which helps explain the level of resignation that the Fed will have to be hawkish. 3: Inflation Thursday brings the US consumer price inflation numbers for September, at this point by far the most important macroeconomic data on the planet. Bernanke responded by throwing everything possible at the problem of stopping large banks from going under, powering a massive equity bull market in the US as he did so.
Overall the G4 (Fed, ECB, BOE and Bank of Japan) have led the attempt to tighten money supply, and the effect has been surprisingly muted to date. Both somehow overshadowed a very consequential speech by the Fed s current deputy chairwoman, Lael Brainard.The two men are very different. It s undeniably concerning, and given the UK market s similarities to the US and other advanced economies, it can also be considered a warning.
Overall, her message was that the Fed would continue on its hawkish path while also looking out for risks. BOE’s Andrew Bailey and the Fed’s Loretta Mester speak at events. Both the Nasdaq Composite and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange s semi-conductor index have dropped to two-year lows.


While details haven t been ironed out yet, the big-ticket debt issuance item will likely come up in the discussions as EU leaders meet in Brussels next week. The government of President Emmanuel Macron and the companies are under pressure to end the stalemate as long lines at gas stations continued to make headlines. Fries Dispute | The Colombian government initiated an appeal arbitration proceeding yesterday aimed at resolving a WTO dispute with the EU over frozen French fries.
The European Union denounced the missile strikes as war crimes and French President Emmanuel Macron said they reflected a deep change in the nature of the war. Germany backs joint EU debt for loans.