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The peso closed lower by 0.2% against the dollar on Monday, still close to breaching the 60-peso level for the first time. But the yuan continued to tumble, hitting the weakest level against the dollar since 2007. Points of Return Dollar strength has effects everywhere.


Seaborne crude shipments from Russia fell to a five-week low in the seven days to Oct. 21.

United States

Coming Up European shares are poised for a flat start after more volatility in Chinese equities and a climb on Wall Street thanks to earnings cheer. UBS and HSBC reported better-than-expected profit, helped by higher interest rates.


Instead, the country s top financial newspapers dedicated the bulk of their front pages to official news articles about President Xi Jinping.


That meant I didn t get to gloat over the ignominious end to Boris Johnson s vainglorious attempt to get his old job back. Being outside the EU, and particularly the eurozone, does have its advantages. EU and G-7 nations hold a Ukraine reconstruction conference. EU gas-price cap warning.