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UK lenders are withdrawing mortgage offers with interest rates soaring there and expected to go even higher after the government s tax cuts sent the British pound tumbling.

United States

The pandemic helped spur the two asset classes to their richest composite valuation since the beginning of the US Civil War. Even the unemployment projections the Fed put out there, we haven t seen those type of increases without a recession. But the clear concern now is that the Fed will follow last year s dovish error with a hawkish one. If that does happen, equity markets have a problem, particularly outside the US. So far, he wrote, the Fed is not impressed.
This metric continues to make the US look very expensive.


The proposal, if formally presented by the European Commission and backed by all member states, would cast a wide net over EU nationals. Raise expected | The ECB will probably hike interest rates by 75 basis points at its October and December meetings, according to Goldman Sachs.