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A member of the National Guard plays a trumpet during a flag rai


The cedi is the world s worst performing currency tracked by Bloomberg, having lost almost 60% of its value against the dollar this year.


One remedy proposed to alleviate the pressure is to barter its gold for fuel imports.


Men are photographed on an oil tanker anchored in the port of the Canary Islands, Spain.

United States

Ye has been widely criticized for his recent anti-Semitic remarks.At the same time Musk has freed up former US President Donald Trump to rejoin if he likes. The foretold recession that the US economy is careening towards is one of the Fed s design, she said, a nasty but necessary medicine to short-circuit inflation. Pricing for the Fed s destination rate slipped below 4.9%, according to swap markets, a move accelerated by raft of softer-than-expected US data on Thursday.


Overwhelming censors, demonstrators shared photos, slogans and news about protests, and also sent a message to Xi Jinping just weeks after he secured a third term as president.


EU member states have expressed frustration over the legislation they say gives Washington an unfair advantage to lure business investment from the bloc with massive subsidies. Poland continues to hold out in a push to harden a package of EU sanctions before signing off on the price cap.