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Survey respondents also expected a stronger dollar and weaker stocks into the end of the year. Demand for haven assets sent the dollar and Swiss franc higher amid a wave of rate hikes from Taiwan to Norway.

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But if we got another cool report next month, would the Fed start to believe that it can hit its inflation target without unemployment significantly jumping? Stocks fall US equity-index futures and European stocks fell after the Fed pushed back on expectations for a dovish tilt and said interest rates will go higher for longer. In the US, data include retail sales, initial jobless claims, Empire Manufacturing and Philadelphia Fed business outlook at 8:30 a.m., followed by industrial production and business inventories.
But it’s clear that despite some cooling in measured inflation over the last couple of months, the Fed still feels it has more work to do. – Heather Burke Fed aftermath The Fed raised rates 50 basis points at Wednesday’s meeting, as expected. But per Menand, this is a false history or a false story about the Fed’s existence. Read today s look at why Wall Street has suddenly become so hot for biodiversity here. The US battery belt is growing as Tesla co-founder J.B. Straubel invests $3.5 billion in this South Carolina plant.
Yes, the Fed stepped down its pace of rate hikes (from 75 to 50 bps). We’ll see.2) Can the Fed just have a little bit of an unemployment increase?


Poland and Lithuania are blocking the European Union s ninth package of sanctions against Russia, a Lithuanian government minister said ahead of a meeting of the bloc s leaders.