Open: New York Session | Forex, Metals, Oil, Agriculture January 21, 2022

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But that s not to say that carving our a niche in a multi-trillion dollar market isn t potentially lucrative.


S&P 500 futures pointed to little change at the open, the 10-year Treasury yield was at 1.792%, oil was close to $84 a barrel and gold was lower.


(Peter Yeung) Oil Spills | A Nigerian court will hear Royal Dutch Shell s appeal to overturn an almost $2 billion award against the company for allegedly spilling oil. Too Hot to Live Kuwait grew rich selling the oil that s causing climate change, but has modest goals to cut emissions.

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The expectation is very high for the Fed to hike rates very rapidly, and I don t think they ll be able to live up to that in 2022. If the change in Fed narrative is because they ve realized that they are behind the curve , maybe they have to go 50 basis points. Bitcoin continues to track moves in tech stocks, with Nasdaq 100 futures also falling. Fed takes key step in deciding on U.S. digital-coin issuance. 50-50 And Fed expectations are lofty, months before liftoff.


Across the border in mainland China, President Xi Jinping s Covid Zero policy is also fraying in the face of omicron. Leave Your Phone at Home Athletes descending on Beijing for the Winter Olympics are on alert for more than one type of virus. There are definite Cold War vibes to Beijing s Winter Olympics as athletes fret about spying.


ECB climate test goes easier than expected on banks.