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MARKET NEWS Chicago corn futures bounced back, after suffering their biggest one-day loss in almost seven weeks in the previous session, as expectations of strong Chinese demand supported prices. Administrators are struggling to keep infections contained as students venture off campus for coffee or hang out at bars and parties. COLUMN-Crop Watch: Harvest begins with Iowa soybeans, Kansas corn -Braun The first two of 16 U.S. The Bombay Sugar Merchants Association spot rates (₹/quintal): S-grade 3,280-3,352 and M-grade 3,386-3,502.


less The US dollar extended yesterday’s gains against the Canadian dollar to almost CAD1.3350, its highest level since August 12. FOREX: The dollar rose to six-week highs, extending gains from the previous session, as markets turned risk-averse over a surge of virus cases and new lockdown measures in Europe. Gene comments on stock, bond, dollar, oil & gold markets, with a particular emphasis on monetary policy, technology issues and S&P intraday action.
Assets denominated in foreign currencies may benefit from a decline in the U.S. dollar on foreign exchange markets. More Surging dollar holds near six-week high as virus fears return Trade strategyThe rupee, after opening marginally higher, is showing a bullish bias. Bitcoin initially tried to rally during the trading session on Monday, but then gave back the gains as there was so much strength in the US dollar. US Dollar’s strengthening put more pressure on commodity prices, with gold and silver falling alongside crude oil prices.
You are trading BTC/USD and if the US dollar is strengthening, then it makes sense that Bitcoin would fall against it. Ultimately, you are trading BTC/USD and if the US dollar is strengthening, then it makes sense that Bitcoin would fall against it. The rupee (INR) has begun today’s session marginally lower at 73.49 against the dollar (USD).


One can own gold in a portfolio to hedge against inflation, but one can also speculate on the price of gold in order to gain from its volatility. Many gold miners are listed on international exchanges, and owning a piece of the business also means exposure to the gold market. Additionally, it’s a good way for income investors to get gold exposure in their portfolio.The current environment is creating an historic opportunity for gold. The GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust (GGN) is one way to combine the gold and energy theses into an income play.
Gold can be exchanged against any fiat currency, so the currency involved affects the way gold protects against inflation. Trading gold or owning gold are two different things. However owning gold or gaining exposure to gold can be done in various ways. Most gold miners have little or no dividend, and physical gold has a negative carry if you want to protect it. “We really do like gold,” Froneman told the Gold Forum Americas conference.
The Gold Standard was diluted in 1933, but throughout the 1930s the US$ was tethered to gold.


Borneo Oil Berhad BORNO MK US$88m Borneo Oil Berhad engages in fast-food operations and franchising, property, oil and gas, and energy-related businesses. Malaysian palm oil futures dropped more than 2% on Monday, dragged lower by weak Dalian prices and global equities, as fears over new coronavirus restrictions in Europe hit sentiment. less WTI crude oil prices (WTI) registered their largest single-day decline in two weeks, falling as much as 6% before paring some losses and closing 4% lower.
BEFORE THE BELL Canada s main stock index futures rose as oil prices advanced on expectations that fuel demand could survive renewed lockdown restrictions. Yesterday, oil futures markets dropped in light of the Libyan crude return to the market, and as coronavirus cases increase in Europe. In its energy outlook published last week, BP predicted oil consumption may have already peaked and could fall rapidly if governments continue to embrace more ambitious climate policies.
Refinitiv Oil Research was tracking around 350,000 tons that could potentially discharge by the end of this week, up by around 72% from the previous week.
Lower overall oil supplies after production cuts implemented by the OPEC+ group of producers, as well as tepid fuel demand, are dampening price movements. That would keep oil prices, which haven t budged much from $40 per barrel for the last few months, lower for longer and, in turn, squeeze oil-dependent economies. less The West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures dropped 4.19 percent on Monday’s session, closing at the 39.31 level.

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Last week also witnessed relatively strong gains in emerging markets stocks (NYSEARCA:VWO) and foreign property shares (NASDAQ:VNQI), which posted returns fractionally behind the pop in the GCC fund. In The Wall Street Journal weekend edition there is a headline “Stocks Fall for Third Straight Week,” which makes it sound like we’ve entered a bear market. Markets are preparing for volatility around the event, even if the event takes months to reconcile.Wall Street is actively hedging risk in that time frame.
Nasdaq futures climbed 0.6% in overnight trading, while contracts tied to the Dow and S&P largely hugged the flatline, after global stocks hit the skids on Monday. Nasdaq Futures are trading down by 61 points (down 0.5%), while S&P Futures are trading down by 16 points (down 0.4%). BEFORE THE BELL Futures tracking the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq indexes rebounded with beaten down technology-related stocks leading early gains, while Dow futures were lower.
Mnuchin’s testimony is likely to focus on the continuing stalemate over a stimulus package and the rising risk of a government shutdown. Futures for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq rebounded with beaten down technology-related stocks leading early gains, while Dow futures were lower. The Nasdaq Composite is poised for tepid gains as heavyweight tech stocks edge higher in premarket trading. Wall Street commodity traders head for best year in a decade.S&P index manager charged with $900,000 insider-trading scheme.Europeans unwillingly hoarded cash during lockdown, ECB says.


China s military dwarfs that of Taiwan, but an amphibious invasion across the 100-mile-wide strait separating the two carries risks that could easily backfire on Beijing.


A resurgence of coronavirus cases and a potential lockdown in part of the EU is weighing energy demand outlook, overshadowing a fragile economic recovery. Thanks to U.S. national security warnings, the European Union has at times taken a harsher stance toward Chinese technology than it otherwise would have. The impasse has also complicated EU diplomacy, with Cyprus refusing to sign off on the bloc s sanctions against Belarus for its contested election. Second presidential debate in the U.S. and EU Council about Brexit (considered as “soft deadline” by Johnson’s government to reach an agreement).
This time the ECB (European Central Banks) will not be able to contain the financial risk. Britons are still waiting for Boris Johnson to deliver a major announcement on Tuesday. ECB meeting.