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Cocoa rules | Europe must work with other regions to prevent its proposed ethical supply-chain rules from becoming a burden for the local cocoa industry, according to Olam. That means less room for vessels shipping out corn and soybeans, the biggest US crops.


A euro-zone recession looks inevitable according to Bloomberg Economics models, even as governments spend huge sums to ease the pain of high energy prices. The British pound s Monday swan dive to a record low showed that traders were certain Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng s mini-budget would be unsustainable. Government debt markets rallied while the dollar weakened.


A Greener OutlookOne area that offered a silver lining amid all the clouds was debt tied to environmentally responsible uses.


Palm oil sourcing | Nestl has pledged to cut ties with an Indonesian palm oil supplier accused of land-rights abuses and environmental harm. Thomas Brostr m Shell s executive vice-president for renewable generation Speaking about the oil giant’s recent acquisition of Daystar Power, an off-grid services provider in West Africa. Bitcoin mining s climate impact is comparable to farming cattle or burning gasoline, according to a new study.

United States

Stocks gain US equity futures gained following another bruising session on Wall Street that took the S&P 500 to the lowest in almost two years. But the panic led to a collapse in home sales as banks pulled loan offers, and even the US and IMF are worried. The US Senate passed a stopgap funding bill, sending it to the House on the eve of the deadline to avert a shutdown of most government agencies. As of 2020, there were 103.8 million passenger vehicles registered in the US, including commercial vehicles and taxis.
Firstly, most new power generation planned in the US is renewable. Fed s Daly says deep recession not needed to curb inflation. Wall Politics Photographer: Tatiana Fernndez Geara Walls are potent symbols of division from Cold War Berlin to the US-Mexican border.