The One Little Dirty Secret That Will Change How You Trade Forever

Do you live, eat, and breathe forex?

Let me guess:

Every single trading day, you take the time to go through each asset you trade. 

You have to handle the emotional rollercoaster of (sometimes) getting carried away by two profitable trades in a row or perhaps getting frustrated after two or three bad trades in a row.

Stay with me now…

As a successful trader, you probably already know how to read trading signals, analyze the market, read trend lines, develop a winning strategy, and manage risk associated with forex trading. 

And this is where almost all traders run into trouble…

Time and again, you will realize that as you trade, you need to be super patient as you wait for the price to break out. 

And that can get worse especially if the trade is stuck in a range. That’s where most of us traders switch to a lower time frame like 1 min or 5 min to lower the risk.

But that’s not all.

Even if you’ve mastered the art of handling long and short trades, minimizing losses and so on, it’s not every day that you wake up fully motivated to trade. Life gets in the way you know! 

Whether it’s an annoying boss, a nagging spouse or simply bad weather, it can affect your ability to concentrate well and make the most from a trading day.

As if that’s not enough… 

There’s this problem most traders face – hanging on even when you know you are losing. 

It’s okay to hang on as humans, in the hope that things will be better. But that can be a recipe for loss in trading.

So, what’s the solution?

Let me lift the veil for you.

We know how you feel because we are traders too. 

And on top of that…

We are coders with years of experience in creating computerized systems that can transform and simplify how you do practically anything – including trading.

So, we came up with a solution.

Your way out is finally here: an automated trading bot for you.

What Our Automated Trading Robot Does For You:
Takes your emotions out of the equation

Both new and experienced traders can’t completely exclude emotions from their trading activities. 

The trading bot executes orders automatically without questioning or hesitation.

Amazing, isn’t it?

But this bot also…

Training trading rules

Once you give us the strategies that have worked for you in the past, we will feed into the trading bot and test it on historical data. 

This saves you money and time with regard to implementing the strategies.

The trading bot does something even more interesting…

Portfolio trading

Diversification is the key to success in trading, we will code your strategy to trade a portfolio of assets and strategies letting the bot choose the best combinations to use.

The diversified portfolio decreases the risk of the strategy and is the approach used by all major successful hedge funds

We know more about how big players trades, check this…

Risk Management

We use tools like Kelly Leverage and OptimalF to allocate the optimal amount of money for each trade.

So you won’t blow your account and the money will be allocated in such a way that it maximizes your strategy returns whilst maintaining risk control.

And the trading bot also…

Preserves trading discipline

Even in the most volatile market, the rules governing our auto trading system will remain the same. 

Thus, emotional factors like the fear of losing or the uncontrollable desire to squeeze more profits are removed.

How awesome is that?

But wait, there’s more


Remaining consistent after making two to three losses can be tricky even to the most experienced trader

You may be tempted to skip the trade even if it’s a potential win. 

Our auto trading bot removes such a decision and gives you consistency in your trading activity.

And it also…

Improves order entry speed 

Financial markets move at lightning speeds, but the human fingers and brain can’t keep up. 

The trading bot responds to the changing market conditions faster and generates an order quickly provided the market criteria is met.

Stick with me here, because this robot can also help you…

Open multiple trades

With our automated trading system, it’s possible to open different accounts at a go, each with its own strategy. That way, you can spread your risk.

Eager to automate your trades and make more profits daily?

Just make and send us your idea.

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